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What are Exchange Traded Funds?
Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are index funds or trusts* that are listed on an exchange and can be traded intraday. Investors can buy or sell shares in the collective performance of an entire stock or bond portfolio as a single security. Exchange traded funds add the flexibility, ease, and liquidity of stock trading to the benefits of traditional index fund investing.
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For over 10 years we had a successful Sector Proxy Trading program, but it was based on the government CFTC reports of large traders activities during the week in trading Futures and Options. We discontinued this several years ago because those large traders have shifted their trading strategies to trading Exchange Traded Funds. You can look at volumes on the popular ETFs and see that they trade huge volumes every day (The SPY trades 300 MILLION SHARES a day).

This is the playground where the big boys play, but an even more profitable vehicle exists in the Ultra Long and Ultra Short ETF proxies. Using these vehicles you don't have to "go short" when you think a sector is going down....You can simply BUY the INVERSE SHARES.

As an example, if you were going long the SPY or its underlying SPX Index, you would instead BUY the SSO which is the double long proxy. Their market goal is to mimic the action of the rising index, but pay 2 TIMES the percentage gain of the underlying index. Where it gets exciting is that if you think the Index is going to go down, you can BUY a different ETF, the SDS and its goal is to deliver 2TIMES the drop of the SP500 that day.

Those who are adverse or confused by shorting (or think its un-American), can simply buy this ETF like a share of stock for the same low commission. You don't have to wait to the end of the day to see the settlement price, it trades up and down in response to the market all day long. No restrictions, like Mutual Funds and NO LOAD FEES. You can exit or even reverse your position on a moment's notice and these ETFs are liquid enough you don't get stung with huge spreads.


We have spent the last two years looking at everything that is out there and comparing it to our approach which is quite different.

Everybody looks at the underlying indices like the commonly available SPY daily data, including price and volume. The SPY (SPX Index Proxy) is a weighted index. In other words, the price and volume are tied to the biggest capitalized issues, not the overall direction of the individual components. If you have the top Stock in the index going up for the day, the odds are that the index will reflect it, even though the majority of stocks are all showing decreasing support in terms of Price and Volume.

We have long held that this is an error, and two years of studies have shown us that we must look at all of the components of each ETF and determine the percentage of stocks making positive moves and attributing their individual volumes into our formulas. This gives a true picture of underlying strength.

THEN we look at the proxies that return 2X the direction change of the underlying ETF and recommend these as the trading vehicles to double your gains. There are 3x shares now on the market, but they don't follow all the major sectors yet. When they do, we will change over to include those.

Notice that we tell you what the underlying ETF is in the first column. In the second column we give you the recommended trading vehicles to use depending on market direction. In the next column we give you the current signal direction. (This will be marked "NEW" when you have a pending buy for the next morning). Next we have Which double proxy to buy, followed by the trade date, Buy Price and Current Index price. Note that all these prices are for the UNDERLYING index. Then we have the number of days in the trade followed by the Previous Trade Profit. The last two columns are the point gain and Percentage Gain/Loss for the current trade. AGAIN, these gains represent the underlying index. If you traded the Double Proxies you would be approaching 2 TIMES THOSE GAINS.

Unmentioned in all of this is options and we have a whole section devoted to how to trade options on these double index shares to really leverage these gains.

How long do these trades run? Typically they average about 12 days, but in a volatile market you could be out the next day, or in a trending market you might be in for 20 or 30 days. I will have full historical trades going back 2 years on the underlying indices above and as an "out of sample" exercise will have 20 years of data for you to peruse on the SP500.

Another section in the manual will detail hedging strategies using these proxies, which I find most exciting. You can use them like covered call insurance, but for much lower costs and you only need to implement them in times of uncertainty. How will you know? We show you how and will tell you.


We have tried to make this system as intuitive as possible, with simple signals to follow to lead you all the way. Some will choose to do it themselves and we have never discouraged that, even though we would love to have you as lifetime customers.

Others just have an understandable aversion to blindly using "Black Box" signals and want to know what's under the hood before they put their money down. The manual satisfies both requirements, but there are other compelling reasons to get the manual.


One of the things we have been advocating over the last 10 years is 'Best of Breed" investing when it comes to trading. I show you the ins and outs of the technique and make it so simple my dog-walker can do it. It will soon become second nature to you and offers even more alternatives for the investor who really wants to sink his teeth into the subject.

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